Welcome! We’re so excited that you are checking out the 30-day Garbage to Garden Challenge.


If you want to take deliberate action in combating Climate Change by taking personal accountability of your household waste right in the comfort of your home and make the habit stick, you’re in the right place.

The challenge is starting on January 15 !

Registration is open through January 2, 2021.

Step 1

Download the Quick Start Guide PDF to get an overview of the challenge. Find out what’s all included in the entire 30-day experience and how we help you to take deliberate action in combating Climat change by just taking personal accountability of your own household waste.

Step 2

Purchase at least a starter kit or better yet a GGC Bundle. Every household should have at least 2 buckets. But if you just want to try it out – start small with the v2 Starter Kit (comes in 20 Liter or 10-liter size)

Step 3

Get a FREE spot after you buy a bucket for this challenge by completing the form. Provide adequate details. Register for the Challenge on or before October 15, 2021. Don’t miss a minute of the challenge!

Note: The 30 Day Garbage to Garden Challenge and mentoring is FREE because it is sponsored by Coca-Cola Foundation for households only. For individual households who paid for their own buckets, a P200 deposit will apply. For individual participants who received sponsored bucket/s, a P500 deposit per participant will apply. The deposit will be returned once the participant has completed the challenge.

Do you want to bring the 30-day Garbage to Garden Challenge to your Community or Organization?

Invite all of them to attend our Free Live Webinars. We will send you the list of attendees so you can follow up on whether they are interested to join the 30-day Garbage to Garden Challenge!

Watch Recording of Previous Webinar

August 21, 2021 7PM (UTC+8)